I am very passionate about animal welfare. I support several animal welfare organizations and am actively involved in two breed rescues.

When adding to your family, always consider adopting rather than buying from a breeder. Many wonderful healthy purebred dogs of all ages are available at shelters in South Africa. Also make sure that the animal will fit into your family, best through a Select-a-pet consultation.

Millions of healthy animals are destroyed every year because their owners did not read up about the breed or because they never bothered to train their pet or wanted to have “just that one litter”.

I absolutely love huskies, their natural beauty, intelligence and fiercely independent and mischievous nature. Kept as pets they are also high-maintenance and not suited for every household, with many of them ending up unwanted, abandoned and in shelters.

I am an active committee member of Husky Rescue SA, working to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome Nordic breed dogs – a stressful and time consuming, but rewarding job.

For more info please visit www.huskyrescue.co.za

I also cooperate with several other reputable welfare organisations on an occasional basis.

Please have a look at our info page for a list of wonderful animal welfare organisations in the Gauteng area.