My happiest moments as a child were spent at my grandparents’ farm in Lower Austria running after cows, chickens and cats. I have always been interested in animals and wanted to become either a farmer or a vet or a biologist studying animals in the wild, but after completing school I made a more rational choice and studied economics.

I was a successful financial manager in Milan, Italy for 5 years, but soon felt that I wanted to do something more "meaningful" with my time and abilities. My old passion took over and after an internship at the WWF I worked as an environmental consultant in Austria, mainly on nature conservation projects initiated by the European Union.

In 2007 I followed my husband and moved to South Africa. As a gift and companion to keep me entertained in a strange new world, he bought me a beautiful Siberian husky puppy, whom we called Emma, and so my amazing journey began ☺. During my search for kind and gentle methods to teach and guide her I soon got introduced to the wonderful world of TTouch as well as clicker training.

Today I am proudly owned by 2 huskies, Emma & Max, and 2 husky crosses, Mia & Roxy, and a horse, Zeplin, an Arab cross boerperd gelding. Add a lively toddler, a husband, the occasional foster dog and many human and animal friends to the mix and you have arrived at my chaotic, crazy, fun household.

I now work fulltime with animals – I am a fully certified animal behaviourist, TTouch practitioner 1 for companion animals and positive reinforcement trainer. I give private behaviour and TTouch consultations, clicker training lessons and 1- and 2-day workshops.

Animal behaviour is a complex and very dynamic field with new research & techniques coming out on a daily basis. I am utterly fascinated by how humans & other animals learn and engage in social interactions and I thus dedicate a lot of my time to read up about the latest research as well as on new training ideas and activities to do with your pets.

My big passion is working dogs and I also have a special interest in assisting animals with physical & behavioral challenges e.g. epilepsy, strokes, blindness, extreme shyness… What I love most about my job is the diversity of my work, the many different species I get to assist and the different situations I tackle on a daily basis – every day is full of new challenges and learning experiences for both myself and the animals I work with.