Skillful Partners is passionate about teaching people and their animals new skills and helping them to build strong, mutually beneficial partnerships.

Learning is most effective when it is fun. When working with positive training methods we create a climate of joyful cooperation between teacher and learner and, while being fast and efficient, the method allows space for play, curiosity and plenty of surprises along the way. Acquiring new skills helps humans and animals alike to make better choices when faced with new, stressful and/or challenging situations. Positive reinforcement training and TTouch also encourage a multifaceted way of communicating with our animal partners. Enjoyable mutual activities and an open two-way communication are cornerstones of every partnership.

While most of my clients’ pets are dogs, I also regularly work with cats, parrots, horses, rats, and many other species. While different species obviously have different behaviour repertoires, language and needs, the basic principles of learning are universal.

My ultimate goal at Skillful Partners is to help you develop your relationships with the animals in your life into true partnerships full of fun, harmony, joy, trust and mutual respect & understanding.