A behaviour consultation sets the stage and creates the environment for effective learning to take place. It is a life quality assessment for your pets with the possibility to focus on behaviours that are of concern to you. Behaviour consultations are definitely indicated for animals that have aggression issues, are very fearful or exhibit compulsive behaviours.

The first consultation usually lasts about 90 minutes and takes place at your home. I will evaluate your dog and take a detailed behavioral and health history. We discuss your concerns and determine realistic goals. I work with you to develop a treatment plan for you and your pet and give you the tools to get started at overcoming areas of conflict and / or difficulty. You will receive a detailed written report, as well as follow-up up via phone and email.

Changing behaviour often takes time and follow up private training sessions, group training classes, or complimentary sessions like e.g. TTouch, might be required. At times clients are able to form sufficient building blocks from the consultation alone in order to change the unwanted behaviour permanently.

My objective is to address the underlying cause of the behaviour, therefore we are exploring every aspect of your dog’s life in order to determine the source of the unwanted behaviour, we are not just targeting the symptoms. All behaviour modification techniques and protocols employed by me are safe and effective, based on positive reinforcement and are validated by sound scientific research. I will never use a method that could cause your pet pain or fear.

A behaviour consultation will be an excellent choice for you and your dog if:

•   your dog shows aggression or fear towards other animals or humans
•   you want to efficiently deal with “problem behaviours” like chewing, digging and escaping
•   your dog suffers from sound phobias (including fireworks and thunderstorms)
•   your dog suffers from separation issues when left alone
•   your dogs in the same household do not get along with each other
•   you are having problems to housetrain your dog
•   you want to prepare your dog for the arrival of a new family member, either a human baby or another pet
•   you are moving to new premises and want to keep this as stress-free as possible for everybody involved
•   you are thinking about smoothly transitioning your dog into his golden years
•   you simply want to learn more about canine behaviour, body language, development & how they learn