As a mother of a lively toddler and 4 big dogs this is a subject that is very dear to my heart. All too often we read disturbing stories of children bitten by the family dog "without warning”, during my shelter work I encounter many dogs that have been abandoned for fear that they will not get along with the new human baby in the house. I know that with the right guidance from the adults in the family and the correct environment kids and dogs can be best friends. Kids can immensely benefit from having dogs in their lives. Dogs can be their shoulder to cry on, a friend to play with and an attentive listening partner for those first reading lessons and so much more.

In order to promote safe interactions between children and dogs I teach workshops in pre-schools and primary schools and also give private consultations for families with children that would like to better understand their family dog, families that are considering adding a human baby or a dog to their family or that have had a traumatic experience. My wonderful certified therapy dog Roxy supports me as a demo dog during many of these consultations.

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