When adding a new member to the family, it is essential to choose an animal that will fit into your lifestyle, time and resources available and that he/she will be compatible with all the other existing family members. Otherwise the new addition might quickly lead to lots of frustration on both sides, in the worst case with the animal landing up at a shelter and the family traumatised.

Select-a-pet consultations are tailor-made packages that consist in a pre-adoption consultation, where I give you first important information on animal behaviour and training, clarify your availability and set realistic expectations. I then cooperate with a variety of shelters as well as reputable breeders in order to find the perfect match for you. I help with bringing the dog or cat or small critter or bird home and introducing them to the other members of the household. And finally, I do a follow-up visit, usually around 2 weeks to a month after bringing the new animal home to discuss open issues and address any behaviour or training issues. Throughout the process I am available via email or phone to help with advice and support.

For more information or a quote, please contact me on manuela@skillfulpartners.com