TTouch is a holistic method of working with animals that focuses on the connection between body posture and behaviour. Our aim is to restore physical, mental and emotional balance by using body work, movement exercises in a confidence course and tools like body wraps, thunder shirts and special harnesses. TTouch is an excellent complimentary method to positive reinforcement training as animals (and humans) in pain or fear cannot learn effectively and TTouch can often make a ground-breaking difference in these cases, thus adding another dimension to the learning process.

TTouch is an excellent choice for you and your pet if:

•   you would like to improve your pet’s confidence, balance and agility
•   your dog pulls on leash
•   your dog is fearful of loud noises and / or thunderstorms
•   your dog is reactive towards certain stimuli
•   your pet has any health issues that can be related to stress e.g. lick granulomas, auto-immune diseases, hot spots,…
•   your dog barks or chews excessively
•   your pet is uncomfortable on different surfaces
•   your pet dislikes and resists being groomed or even basic handling
•   your dog gets car-sick
•   your pet had surgery and you would like to speed up the recovery process
•   your pet is performing at shows or is a working dog and you want to improve his gait and balance
•   your pet suffers from certain neurological issues e.g. wobbly gate, epilepsy, spinal cord injuries,…
•   if your bird is feather-plucking or self-mutilating
•   your animal is aging and you want to help relief some aches and pains
•   you want to deepen your bond with your pets